I&DB - The Innovation and Development Bureau deals with the creation and implementation of projects co-financed by EU funds. These projects oscillate around 3 categories:

  • projects related to education, including;, development programmes for regional schools, extracurricular activities which develop digital and linguistic competences in pupils and ecological education classes. During the implementation of the projects we take advantage of the superbly equipped human resources of Krzyżowa and the resources of our Ecological Education Centre.
  • projects related to the social or educational activation of disadvantaged groups - both the young and the adults.
  • projects based on international knowledge transfers. as a result of these, we can develop innovative tools and methods of didactic and activation work. These are the tools of professional consultancy, activation of NEETs (people not in education, employment, or training) and vocational education in the dual system.

Our didactic materials are recommended by state institutions, such as: the Ministry of National Education and the Education Development Centre. Employees of these institutions train educators all over Poland based on our tools, and we, in turn, share the knowledge with teachers who are participants of the I&DB projects.

The department is managed by a strong and stable team that consists of 6 people who gain finance for projects and then implement them. Each of these people is a specialist in their respective fields: the education market, educational law, teaching methodology and glottodidactics, professional consultancy, coaching, ecology and environment protection, management, economics and obviously EU project management. Four of the specialists have teaching qualifications.

Innovation and Development Office

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