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Krzyżowa Fundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe
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The Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe in cooperation with the Foundation Bibliodrama Academy would like to invite you to the European Bibliodrama Workshop, which will take place in Krzyżowa from 10-14 August 2024.

EBW is a meeting of bibliodrama leaders and people interested in bibliodrama from all over Europe. It is a time to exchange experiences and create joint plans for the development of bibliodrama in Europe. Workshops will be led by experienced European trainers and the programme also includes joint excursions, talks and discussions.

The event is open to all people irrespective of worldview and religious affiliation and also to those without bibliodramatic experience.

What is bibliodrama?

Bibliodrama is an open-ended process of interaction between a biblical text and a group of people, in which an attempt is made to integrate the biblical message with personal experiences. The aim is a new religious experience and understanding of the Bible based on the participants' identification with biblical characters and situations.

As can be seen from this brief definition, bibliodrama, by involving the whole person - their intellectual, emotional, spiritual and bodily spheres - is a tool for integral human development.

The biblical text contains paradigmatic, archetypal existential situations. They narrate the fundamental experiences of human relationships and the human-God relationship. This wide range of themes, combined with the variety of methods used in bibliodrama, makes it possible for workshop participants to enter into a process internally and with the group, the fruit of which is confronting the text and then reflecting on this experience and answering the question about its relationship to their own lives.

In bibliodrama there is a hermeneutic circle: myself - text - life.

In bilodrama we use body work, drama, psychodrama, visual arts (drawing, painting, collage, installation) and literary methods (psalm, diary, letter, haiku).

The use of methods is related to the individual style of the leader, the aim of the workshop, the type of text and the school of bibliodrama in which the leader is trained (processual, psychodramatic, pastoral).

Bibliodrama helps to deepen self-knowledge through confrontation with biblical situations and characters, awareness of experienced feelings and needs, contact with the body and integration of the body with the cognitive-emotional sphere, artistic expression, empathic imagination and a creative approach to reality.


Costs informations:

Costs are given in Polish Zloty with an approximate conversion to the Euro shown for guidance.  An exact conversion will be made on payment.   

For single room accommodation and course fee  1730 Zloty (ca 400 Euro)

For double room (shared) accommodation and course fee  1450 Zloty (ca 338  Euro) per person.

The deposit payable on booking for both single and double rooms is 525 Zloty (ca 125 Euro) per person.

(Please note, that the number of single rooms is limited. They will be distributed among participants according to the order of applications)

After completing and submitting the booking form, our staff will contact you and inform you of the current availability of places and prepare a pro forma invoice (in zloty or in euro) for the advance payment, which will also serve as confirmation of the booking. The deadline for advance payment is 31.05.2024, after this date the organiser reserves the right to remove a person from the list of participants and offer a place to the next person from the reserve list. Until the same date it is possible to cancel and return the advance payment at no cost.

After the date of 31.05.2024 or, if you wish before, you can pay the full prize in euro or in zlotys.

The full price should be paid on the first day of the meeting at the latest (at the reception in Krzyżowa). If you wish to pay the full amount earlier, please include this information on the booking form.

Please note that due to variations in the exchange rate it is possible that there may be a difference between the amount paid as a deposit and the amount of the refund.


Financial support: 

There is the possibility of financial support for participants unable to receive it from elsewhere and who are in need of help in order to attend. Requests should be sent to the EBN Secretariat which will consider each application individually.  Guidelines for this are still being developed and will eventually be published on the EBN website.

Please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Dominik Całka

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

tel. +48 600 717 960



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We are happy to announce that Morning Prayer will take place each day in two independent groups. The leaders will be: Professor Marcel Martin and Professor Peter Varga.

Each participant can spontaneously choose a group on the spot.





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